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Best Halters Available

  • Hi-Tech Halter

    The new design is more
    than just good looks.
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    Hi-Tech in Classic Leather

    The design that does more
    in classic leather.
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    Trainers Special

    Get more control over your horse!
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    Leather Trainer

    Get more control and keep
    that classic western style.
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    Hi-Tech in

    The new design with two-tones is perfect to match your style.
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The Hi-Tech Halter: The Last Halter You Should Ever Need to Buy…

  • Adjustable in size
  • Won’t rub off
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Super Strong and long-lasting
  • Guaranteed not to break

Byron Grant, the inventor of the Hi-Tech Halter, has been in the horse training business for more than 30 years. Over the years, he has collected a 50-gallon drum full of broken rope and strap halters, so he knows the value of a good halter. Even the best-trained, most mild-mannered horse, if spooked, can hit the end of your lead rope with the force that can rock a barn.

The Hi-Tech Halter is a must for cowboys, ranchers, competition riders, pleasure riders, trail riders and anyone else who handles horses. It is uniquely built to correct the problems that are commonly associated with conventional halters. And it’s the last halter you should ever need to buy!

To see the Hi-Tech Halter in action, click here now!

Benefits of the Hi-Tech Halter…

  • Adjustable - Hi-Tech Halters are completely adjustable in size, which means you don’t need to buy multiple sizes for your horses. The nose band slides on the headstall, which is attached to adjustable hanger straps, to accommodate a saddle horse with any head size. The throat latch on the halter is independent of the headstall, so it can be snugly fastened under the throat behind the jaw. That means it’s far less likely—if not impossible—for your horse to rub off.
  • Easy to Use - The Hi-Tech Halter is so easy to handle and use. You can put it on, in most cases, with just one hand.  
  • Proven Strength – Tests have shown that Hi-Tech Halters can withstand 10 times more pressure than conventional halters. With Hi-Tech Halters’ ultra durable material, you’ll never have to hassle with a broken halter again.
  • Distinctive Design - The Hi-Tech Halter is unique because of its distinctive, elegant design. It features a patented continuous headstall from the tie-ring all the way to the back of the horses head. This applies pressure where it belongs—on the back of the horses head, instead of on its nose and jaw.

Why the Hi-Tech Halter is Better

Conventional strap and rope halters cannot compare to our Hi-Tech Halters. They pull across the back of a horse's head, under the jaw, and over the nose. This means that the harder your horse pulls back, the tighter the halter becomes on its head—causing pressure, claustrophobia and broken halters.

Here are some other reasons why standard rope and strap halters are not the best option:
  • Most conventional strap halters break with less than 500 lbs. of pull.
  • When halters break, horses can hit their head on the ground, causing blindness, retardation and even death.
  • Traditional halters are easy for horses to rub off.
  • It takes two hands to put on a regular halter.
  • Strap and rope halters cannot be adjusted.
  • Conventional halters are not guaranteed.

Guaranteed not to Break, so Order Now!

The unbreakable, adjustable Hi-Tech Halter comes with a three-year guarantee you simply won’t find anywhere else.