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  • Hi-Tech Halter

    The new design is more
    than just good looks.
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    Hi-Tech in Classic Leather

    The design that does more
    in classic leather.
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    Trainers Special

    Get more control over your horse!
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    Leather Trainer

    Get more control and keep
    that classic western style.
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    Hi-Tech in

    The new design with two-tones is perfect to match your style.
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The Hi-Tech Halter Is an Unbreakable, Unbeatable Solution!

The Hi-Tech Halter is specially designed to solve many of the problems associated with conventional strap and rope halters. What’s more, this revolutionary new halter can save you money, time and headaches, as well as help your horse avoid potential injury. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to provide their horses with the best possible equipment for training and everyday use.

Are You Confusing Your Horse?

Pay attention the next time your horse pulls back when tied with a rope or conventional strap halter. You’ll probably notice that there’s just as much pressure on its nose as there is on the back of the head. That sends a mixed, confusing message. The horse doesn’t know whether to pull back or go forward. Afraid and confused, the horse will likely fight against and break the halter.

This can create a dangerous situation. In many cases, broken halters have caused horses to flip over backwards and hit the back of their head—the area where their brain is located. As a result, some of them sustain brain damage or even die from their injuries. Other problems from tipping over can include neck, back and spinal injuries. 

How the Hi-Tech Halter Solves the Pressure Problem

Unlike other halters, the Hi-Tech Halter transfers the pressure directly from the tie-ring at the bottom all the way to the top of the horses head. It uses one continuous band, which avoids placing pressure on the horse’s nose or jaw. The Hi-Tech Halter has a reinforced headstall that securely holds the horse in place. Since the nose band slides independent of the strap that goes around the horses head, there is never any pressure on the nose band when the horse pulls back.

No Other Halter Offers More Strength and Durability

Hi-Tech Halters are made from 5,000 lbs nylon webbing—doubled over and sewn together. The tie ring is 5/16 rated at 6,000 lbs, unequalled by any conventional halter. The headstall is one continuous piece without a buckle, utilizing 100 percent of the webbing strength. Not only that, we made our halter buckles and tie rings from some of the best material available. This results in superior quality, performance and customer satisfaction.  

Our Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you'll be thrilled with our halters that we’re offering a three-year guarantee. To qualify, you simply have to register your halter within the first 30 days of purchase. To register a halter, click here.